PIE MILK by Angela Florence Dapoer Nadia

In Pie, Resep on April 19, 2013 at 7:21 am
Pie Susu by Angela Florence
PIE MILK by Angela Florence Dapoer Nadia

This sweet snack is very easy to make and does not require a long time, I like to prepare the pie shell the day before I use it, I keep it in the refrigerator (not the freezer), skin become more supple and not too sticky, remove just before use, let a little warm and then started on a roll, do a few folds on both sides, then roll it back, do not forget to sprinkle a little flour on your cutting board, pie mold does not need to rub the butter, and let stand so ripe and will easily come out.


125 gr margarine or butter frozen chopped
2 tablespoons cold water
pinch of salt
175 g low protein flour

stir all ingredients with a pastry knife or fork, (should not knead by hand if it is still sticky add a little flour) and then after well blended, put in a plastic bag, and refrigerate, if you wear it right away, refrigerate for an hour, and ready to use , milled with medium thickness (not too thin) and then print the pie mold, cut skewer with a fork and bake until golden brown remove and remove from mold and set aside.

Fill pie milk:

Ultra white 500 ml milk (not sweetened condensed milk, you can use low fat milk or regular milk)

50 grams sugar

30 g of wheat flour

25 gr cornstarch

2 chicken egg yolks (large size)

vanilla extract
3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

how to make:

stir egg yolks and sugar until slightly creamy, meanwhile heat the milk with a pinch of salt (do not boil) from hot, add flour and cornstarch stir in beaten eggs until like creamy sauces, and enter in the milk while continuing to stir, after that, reheat over medium heat while stirring stir in until thickened, remove from heat and let cool briefly enter the vanilla and lemon juice, stir again less sweet if you could add sugar to suit your taste.
Enter the contents of the plastic triangle milk pie ready to use.


prepare a pie crust that has been issued from the mold, the layout of the content in the dough pan contents, and bake again for about 3 – 5 minutes, so that the skin is crisp and the content is not very liquid and cook, decorate with cherries or any fruit only then flush with that clear, let a thin layer, let cool before serve


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